Proceedings: Markov Processes and Related Fields 24(3) 2018


Université Paris Descartes

27-28 January 2015

Amphi Darboux

Institut Henri Poincaré
11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie

Université de Cergy-Pontoise


The aim of this annual workshop, in conjunction with the "Journées de Physique Statistique", is to bring together mathematicians and physicists working on disordered or random systems, and to discuss recent developments on themes of common interest. Each of the two days is devoted to a specific topic:

Tuesday 27 January: Random interface models.

        Moderator: Fabio Toninelli (Lyon)

Random surface models are ubiquitous in statistical physics, arising for instance as models for interfaces between thermodynamic phases or as height functions associated to discrete models (dimer models, etc). Among the topics that will be discussed are: equilibrium height fluctuations and stochastic interface dynamics, roughening vs. rigidity phenomena.

Preliminary list of speakers: Thierry Bodineau (Palaiseau), Béatrice de Tilière (Paris), Benoit Laslier (Cambridge), Oren Louidor (Haifa), Fabio Martinelli (Roma), Ron Peled (Tel Aviv).

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Wednesday 28 January: Random tilings and surfaces.

        Moderator: Jérémie Bouttier (Saclay)

Counting domino or rhombus tilings of a planar domain is a classical combinatorial problem which received historical contributions from MacMahon, Kasteleyn, Temperley and Fisher, etc. It is intimately connected with statistical physics (it models the adsorption of diatomic molecules on a surface) and probability theory (how does a large uniform random tiling look like ?). Due to the constraint that tiles may not overlap, tilings are highly sensitive to boundary conditions, which are responsible for the remarkable "limit shape" phenomenon, that one can study thanks to a correspondence between tilings and discretized random surfaces. Tilings are also related to random matrices and Schur processes, owing to their "free-fermionic" nature. We will present some recent developments of the research on these models and on their natural deformations (non free-fermionic/non integrable models, aperiodic tilings...).

Preliminary list of speakers: Filippo Colomo (Firenze), Sylvie Corteel (Paris), Thomas Fernique (Villetaneuse), Patrik Ferrari (Bonn), Alessandro Giuliani (Roma), Leonid Petrov (Charlottesville).

Titles and abstracts + pdf

The conference is free and open to all. To facilitate local organization, please register in advance by sending an e-mail with your name, affiliation and mail address to:
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or mail to Ellen Saada, Laboratoire MAP5, Université Paris Descartes, 45 Rue des Saints Pères, 75270 Paris cedex 06.
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