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25-26 January 2022


Institut Curie & Institut Henri Poincaré
11-13, rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

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Université de Paris

KU Leuven

The aim of this annual workshop is to bring together mathematicians and physicists working on disordered or random systems, and to discuss recent developments on themes of common interest. Each day is devoted to a specific topic.

Tuesday 25 January: Statistical mechanics and data science.
        Moderator: Gérard Ben Arous (New York)

Statistical physics of disordered systems have been a relevant domain for high-dimensional statistical inference for the last 40 years at least. Both for trying to help determine fundamental information theoretic limits and to introduce new efficients algorithms and analyze their performance. The recent explosion of data sciences and machine learning has brought new interest and new needs for the basic understanding of these limits and of the performances of concrete algorithms used everyday. We gather here a diverse and distinguished group of colleagues working from different angles on these hot topics, with the tools of statistical physics, probability theory, computational PDEs and more.

Speakers: Afonso Bandeira (Zürich), Giulio Biroli (Paris), Marylou Gabrié (Palaiseau), Aukosh Jagannath (Waterloo), Florent Krzakala (Lausanne), Andrea Montanari (Stanford), Eric Vanden-Eijnden (New York).

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Wednesday 26 January: (Non-)Gaussian fluctuations of the order $N^{\not={1\over 2}}$.
        Moderator: Senya Shlosman (Moscow & Marseille)

In the last years, non-classical exponents appear more and more around us. Starting from the famous KPZ scaling, the advance of the random matrix theory and the prominent role of the Tracy-Widom distribution, we see more and more examples of unconventional scalings. The program will review some of these instances.
There will also be a moment dedicated to our colleague and friend Dima Ioffe.

Speakers: Guillaume Barraquand (Paris), Alexey Bufetov (Leipzig), Bernard Derrida (Paris), Patrik Ferrari (Bonn), Alexandre Gaudillière (Marseille), Sergei Nechaev (Moscow), Yvan Velenik (Genève).

Titles and abstracts

+ zoom recording + some pdf presentations

The conference and online participation are free and open to all. To receive your connection link, please register in advance by sending an e-mail with your name, your affiliation and address, and your choice to be online or on site, to:
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